TUTORIAL : transformation of a skirt vintage top with bare shoulders for summer 2016

Vous avez pu découvrir la version vidéo du TUTORIAL sur la transformation d'une jupe vintage en top à épaules nues pour l'été 2016... Pour celles qui préfèrent le format livre, voici en cadeau la version livre à télécharger du tuto. Je vous souhaite de belles créations, et n'hésitez pas à les partager avec moi, j'en serai ravie.
Et pour mes "amies" anglophones, je vous ajoute le pas à pas en images avec quelques traductions pour les étapes importantes...

You could see the video version of the TUTORIAL on the transformation of a skirt vintage top with bare shoulders for summer 2016 ... For those who prefer book format here in the gift book download version of the tutorial. I wish you beautiful creations, and feel free to share them with me, I will be delighted.

And to my "friends" English, I add you step by step in pictures with some translations milestones ...



VERSION IMAGES with enghish text

TUTORIAL: How to make a top shoulders bare from a skirt

Here are the dimensions in centimeters of the initial skirt

Necessary material


one flat rule (1)
a pair of scissors (2)
pins (3)
a needle and thread matching skirt (4)
a seam fast (5)
a pencil for fabric (6)
elastic (7)
and a tape measure (8)

To begin sewing thread the sides of 12 centimeters from the top

Armholes are added at the trying on (step 10)


Mark the bottom of the back of the skirt with a pin (for the front of the skirt becomes the front of the top)


Mark a line 28 cm from the bottom and cut along this line

The cut portion will give up the top

Measure your turn to shoulder to shoulder bust


Cut the amount of elastic necessary


Hem the top of the cut portion of 2 centimeters wide and go in the spring with a safety pin


Sew the 2 ends of elastic


Then sew the hem of the bottom and armholes

Finally assemble the two parts together by their middle


And now, let the sun shine !




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